In Memoriam

A tribute to CMC Chief Executive Officer Zachary Tyler (1984-2018)

Our CMC team is heartbroken over the sudden loss of our CEO, Zachary Tyler, at age 33. Zachary was an utterly original and brilliant character whose leadership and friendship will be profoundly missed.

An avid traveler from a small town in the Midwest, Zachary became a company man at 19-years old, when he joined CMC as a receptionist. Inspired by the intelligence and work ethic of his father, William Ibbs, Zachary learned every aspect of the business and quickly climbed the ranks to CEO before purchasing a majority stake in 2013. Under his leadership, CMC became competitive, profitable and more than doubled revenues. CMC also expanded its client reach from the Bay Area to all 50 states as well as Europe, where CMC has a joint venture in Prague.

Above all, Zachary was laser-focused on authentic client-partner relationships. He liked to say he’s “a people pleaser, but hardly a pushover.” Zachary valued complete honesty as a fundamental rule to running a business responsibly and retaining clients and employees. “You have to be comfortable saying to yourself, and to others, when you’ve changed your mind” he once said. “I’m fluid as circumstances dictate my judgment.”

Zachary’s biggest passion was traveling. “I have an insatiable desire to see new places and learn about other cultures,” he said. His globetrotting took him to South Africa, where he met his husband Jacques, bought a home and adopted the culture as his own. He loved shopping and had a keen eye for art and design on every continent – but in particular, Milan, London and Prague.

Zachary’s ultimate goal was to have a positive impact on the lives of others – and he did just that in so many ways. His friends, colleagues and family will never forget his extraordinary generosity. Aside from his fondness for “shock and awe” texts for the pure entertainment value he found in provocation, Zachary took enormous joy in surprising the unsuspecting with incredible, thoughtful gifts from his latest international adventures.

CMC’s deep commitment to supporting social causes was another demonstration of how Zachary fulfilled his life’s mission. He was inspired and forever changed by his longest-tenured employee, Jocelyn Dizon, who introduced him to Bahay San Jose, which supports orphans and adults in the Philippines living with muscular dystrophy. He contributed to countless other causes near and dear to him and his team. Zachary’s philosophy of uniting CMC’s business with social good will be a lasting legacy the company carries forward in his memory.