Company Culture

Creating lasting wins from great loss

“You’ve never had a boss like me and you’ll never have a boss like me.”

No truer words were spoken by CMC’s former CEO Zachary Tyler than these, as declared to longtime Account Manager Lisa Gruzas. To honor the legacy of our larger-than-life leader lost much too soon in May 2018, members of the CMC team celebrate 4 lessons learned from a brilliant, tenacious spirit who lives on in our culture and our hearts.

Lesson #1: Be you, believe in you

Brian Camp (Managing Director, San Francisco):

“Zach let me be me, and believed our people are our culture. All of our actions define the company and how our customers perceive us, so everyone has a vital role in our brand.”

Vicky Paar (VP, Finance):

“Zach told me he was raised by gangsters, knew how to think low while being highly intellectual and broad. He trusted his instincts and intuition and it helped CMC avoid hazards. He taught me this too.”

Jacques Marais (Managing Director, San Jose):

“More than anything else, Zach believed in empowering his team and encouraging them to do more and be more. Often when I reached out to inquire about a situation he would respond with, ‘You know this. You don’t need my help.’ And most of the time, he was right.”

Lisa Gruzas (Account Manager):

“Because of Zach, I carry forward my ability to sell because I never thought of myself as a sales person (and still don’t). Zach took my personality and engrained it in his love and expertise of the sales game.”


Lesson #2: Deliver relentlessly for clients

Laura Silva (Account Manager):

“With Zach, nothing was ‘mission impossible’! He lived with the thought that everything was possible if you put your mind to it. He hated the question, ‘Can this be done?’ and taught us to instead ask, ‘What can be done to make it happen?’ With Zach it was always working together and finding a way, one step at a time, to do ‘mission impossible’ for our clients.”

Ashley Freeman (Account Manager):

“Zach taught me to always push myself out of my comfort zones; to get over my own hangups and just get it done. What I learned most from Zach was to always be honest and direct while still being tactful.”


Lesson #3: Love life, explore the world

Gruzas: “Zach showed me the world. Really. I think I traveled with that man the most out of anyone I know, and despite his crazy travel, he was a lot of fun to do it with. Zach taught our team to be proud of what we do, be excited about making money, be even more excited about getting to spend that money and really enjoy life.”


Lesson #4: Be a force for good

Jocy Dizon (Finance Manager): “Zach made my cause his cause. Helping orphans and adults with muscular dystrophy in the Philippines was near and dear to my heart, so he adopted the Bahay San Jose charity with as much passion as I have. He taught me that being a good business is also about doing good for others.”

Marais: “Zach has always been a champion for the underdog because that’s where he came from. He often gave people with meagre prospects opportunities to shine and grow and never judged them based on their backgrounds. As long as they were willing to put in the work and follow his direction, he would back them all the way.”