Gifts for Employees to Keep Cool This Summer

Mira Peterson

Have a sunshine-filled event on your workplace horizon? As we feel the heat turning up, we also see the rising demand for out-of-office retreats and company off-sites. CreativeMC has the perfect warm weather gifts to help your team stay cool and collected with branded swag that will keep the memories alive longer than any summer fling.

Boost the experience of company bonding time with this curated collection of refreshing, ultra-cooling, chill-ready brand stylist selections. From stylishly savvy drinkware that keeps beverages chilled for 12+ hours to retro-inspired sunglasses that will help dress to impress  - it’s time to find some shade, sit back, relax, and let us serve you with these heat-busting corporate gifts for your employees.

Planning outdoor activities, team workouts, or even coping with a hot office? That’s the perfect opportunity to elevate summertime brand initiatives. From hats to beach towels, CreativeMC has many easy ways to turn practical warm-weather garb into giftable gratitude.

Team Gift Ideas for Summer

Here are our Top 5 categories for summer swag that will keep those employee vibes warm throughout the season. Our end-to-end services span sourcing to decoration to delivery to ensure that your custom promotional products are executed to perfection.

Summer Hats

The right summer hat can become an instant staple in any team member’s wardrobe. From bucket hats to camping caps, there are many trendy varieties to choose from.


The sun is out in full force so bring out the shades and shoutouts! Not only are sunglasses a thoughtful way to keep the peepers protected but they also offer a visible space to showcase your logo or brand messaging.

Beach Towels

Ideal for offsite days at the beach, company picnics, or weekend campsites, branded beach towels are a useful and eye-catching must-have when it comes to hot summer days and outdoor adventures. We offer only the most absorbent, soft, and best-quality towels in the biz.

Summer Totes

What do we love most about summer totes? Everything fits! Plus, whether beach-bound or going to the grocery store for some fresh fruit, a cute tote is a practical companion.

Custom Water Bottles

Cheers to the sunshine and the relentless thirst that rising heat brings. Branded drinkware is hotter than ever right now and there are so many creative ways to incorporate your company’s signature style. Whether it’s a full-color decoration commemorating the Summer of 2024, branding on the lid or bottom, or a sleek foil imprint or laser etching of a seasonal logo, water bottles are an easy choice for corporate gifts.

While promotional products for summer have been around for a long time, we are seeing so much more innovation in materials, decoration, and design that offer new ways to rediscover timeless staples.

Summer Employee Gifts are for summer-ing!

Like Bob Marley once said, "Sun is shining. Weather is sweet." That signals it’s also the best time for companies to pick swag that helps employees beat the heat. Are you prepared to explore everything CreativeMC has in store for this summer season? Contact our brand stylists today to receive a curated custom collection of summer-themed promotional products for your employees.

Choosing the right company gifts for employees can significantly enhance brand visibility and create lasting impressions that transcend any season. Items like customized sunglasses, water bottles, and totes not only offer practicality but also resonate with the carefree spirit of summer. When teams invest in thoughtful summer swag, their brand basks in the glow of positive recognition.

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