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CreativeMC creates quality promotional products designed<br /> to elevate your brand

CreativeMC creates quality promotional products designed
to elevate your brand

Our team of expert brand stylists in the U.S. and Europe curates the latest trends to bring fresh product ideas from premium retail and emerging brands. Wholly owned by our employees, CreativeMC is renowned for our creativity and precise, seamless service trusted by major corporate brands since 1962.

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Whether you need employee onboarding kits, corporate gifts, event giveaways, or any other merch, we’ve got you covered. Our operations in Prague and Bratislava provide an efficient solution for creating swag for Europe and beyond.


We kit gifts of all sizes, from custom packaging to handwritten notes. Our flexible tech platform includes virtual pop-up shops for recipients to directly claim one-off gifts and online company stores for 24/7 on-demand orders.


We’ll deliver to your mailing lists or event venues and offer same-day shipping for virtual stores and products stored with us. Leverage our volume deal with FedEx for great shipping rates as well as our global customs expertise.

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Crafting powerful and unique brand statements

We’re committed to sustainability and social impact – as a company and with our partners

We’re committed to sustainability and social impact – as a company and with our partners

In addition to our own mission to become a carbon-neutral operation, we prioritize product suppliers with eco-friendly practices and social cause initiatives. Diversity is in our DNA: we are 69% women and 58% people of color, and constantly seek diverse brand partners founded or led by underrepresented communities.

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Can-Do Teamwork

Can-Do Teamwork

As an employee-owned company, our team is highly motivated to collaborate with each other and deliver for clients. Our experienced Brand Stylists routinely find creative approaches to make the impossible possible.
Style Expertise

Style Expertise

We not only hire from fashion and retail industries but also view global trends expertise as core to our value-add. Produced entirely in-house, our seasonal lookbooks inspire our clients to be trendsetters!
Global Knowhow

Global Knowhow

Having a sister company in Europe is unprecedented in our industry. Your rep can work seamlessly with our Bontonfilm Promotions colleagues to source, price, and ship within Europe and beyond.
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The diversity of our team, combined with their collective expertise in design and product trends, give CreativeMC an approach to styling swag that’s unparalleled in our industry.

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Holiday 2022 Style Trends

Holiday 2022 Style Trends

Celebrate your brand’s unique flair this holiday season by embracing the expressive vitality of the latest swag style trends. Get lost in this over-the-top pick-me-up for winter!


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