Grammarly Ambassador Program Welcome Kit

When Grammarly launched a Brand Ambassador Community program, we worked with the community manager to create a program welcome kit with items the ambassadors could use at home, while also enhancing the brand’s visibility.

Grammarly Ambassador Program Welcome Kit

How did the project come about? 

One of my contacts at Grammarly introduced me to Emma Hanevelt, who is the brand ambassador community manager. 


What’s the purpose/objective of the project?

Grammarly just launched a Brand Ambassador Community program, and the company wanted the new ambassadors to receive a gift welcoming them to the community and inviting them to post about it on their social media profiles. 


What problem/challenge is CreativeMC solving for the client? 

We were tasked with sourcing cool and trendy swag, as well as kitting and distributing the gift set to ambassadors worldwide. 


Who is the target audience? 

Social media creators, writers, and Grammarly aficionados. 


Why did they pick the products they ordered? 

The brand wanted to include an apparel item, which offers the biggest opportunity to spread brand visibility, so we chose a Champion Crew Neck Sweatshirt. We also wanted a variety of smaller items the ambassadors could use at home during the fall. We rounded out the welcome gift set with a branded Haus mug, a Jotter pen, a Modern Sprout Rooted Candle, and a Poppin soft-cover notebook. 


Are they using a virtual pop-up shop, company store, fulfillment, or other distribution services? If so, which?

Yes, they are using an virtual store for a seamless distribution process. The brand ambassadors can choose their own apparel sizing via the online shop, Grammarly can collect the shipping addresses, and CreativeMC handles the entire distribution process. 


What was the business result or impact? 

Many ambassadors posted a picture of their gift box on social media generating good exposure for Grammarly online. 


What was the biggest problem/challenge you faced in closing this sale or delivering this project? 

It was my first time working with Emma from Grammarly, so I wanted to get to know her and ensure I met her expectations. We also worked to set up an virtual swag store instead of just shipping the items directly to her. 


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