Top 5 Swag Trends That Will Define Brands in 2024

Mira Peterson

Fresh off our most significant industry event, our Brand Stylists are armed with the latest innovations and ideas that promise to keep you ahead of the style curve. Here are our top 5 trends that we think will dominate swag this year.

Innovation Over Imitation

Embrace the ethos of 'Innovation Over Imitation' – where originality and forward-thinking take front and center for every brand and boardroom. Break free from the constraints of conformity with bold and inventive swag choices like iLive’s event-ready Cooler/Speaker combo, Ohom’s Ui Artist Home Mug with Charging Pad, Hypersphere’s Mini Massage Ball, and Brevite’s Camera Backpack. These items elevate everyday office accessories to smart lifestyle essentials that instantly become favorites both inside and outside of the office.

Elevate your workspace from ordinary to extraordinary by infusing everyday office items with a dash of innovation. These choices not only redefine the office experience but also seamlessly integrate into a dynamic lifestyle.

Authenticity over Artifice

In a world where appearances often deceive, authenticity is what truly leaves a lasting impression. Fostering genuine connections becomes the foundation for meaningful relationships with both clients and teams. Thoughtful attention to detail is everything when it comes to corporate gifts and it’s so easy to do with impressive swag products like Cadence’s personalized Travel Sets, customizable fragrances with KOBO Candles, Corium’s Leather Accessories, and the fully customizable Sweeter Cards. Get inspired with a few examples of how we’ve created and curated stunning personalized Employee Gifts for our clients.

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Growth Over Grind

Rise above the traditional hustle and embrace promotional products that encourage team members to spotlight meaningful progress not just title promotions. Businesses today want to support sustainable team growth that creates a more fulfilling and meaningful journey for the individual. In 2024, we are redefining success in today’s workforce and valued employees are shown swag that speaks to them on a more personal level. Hype Company Slydrs, sneakers customized by The Ave, engraved Memobottles in Slim Stainless Steel and Outpatch patches are perfect examples of showing appreciation through personal style. Team member milestones both big and small get shown some extra love through custom accessories and personalized art and designs.

This is the future of workplace rewards. Recognizing the journey - not the destination. Companies are now celebrating meaningful progress rather than just title promotions.

Community Over Commercial

In an era of hyper-aware consumerism, our clients are hyper-focused on ethical swag choices. Employees are increasingly vocal in urging their companies to represent their shared values in all aspects of the corporate culture, including their swag purchases. Through our Swag for Good platform, we have an unprecedented portfolio of brands representing minority communities and making a positive impact. 

Founded by women, Storm Creek is doing it all. Their stylish jackets are made of recycled bottles and 5% of their profits are donated to charities through their foundation and community fund. Similarly, outerwear brand Cotopaxi uses responsibly-sourced down and contributes to environmental and social causes through its foundation and as a 1% for the Planet member.  Owala water bottles are not only eco-friendly but also feature a trade-marked FreeSip spout that propelled them to TIME’s 2023 Best Inventions list. We’re also obsessed with the female-founded brand, Anecdote Candles, which showcase customized stories and messages on their labels.

Dynamic Over Static

Swag in 2024 isn't just stuff; it's evolving into a dynamic experience ditching the dullness of yesterday’s corporate monotony. Taking inspiration from shifts in consumer retail experiences, employee and customer events will be reimagined to incorporate experiential, memorable, and personalized in-person engagements. Whether it’s a showstopping custom inflatable by Landmark Creations, wine tasting with the McBride Sisters Wine Company, a backdoor pizza party with branded Solo Stoves, or on-site t-shirt screen printing with the super hip Oklahoma Shirt Company, we can help you create the perfect ambiance, find the best event activation, or curate an entire experience that best represents your brand mission and style.


We summarize 2024’s top 5 swag trends in the promotional products industry in our latest 2024 New Arrivals Lookbook. Innovation and experience are taking center stage in the year ahead. From dynamic swag choices that redefine workplace engagement to personalized items that speak to individual journeys, the industry is buzzing with innovations, emerging brands, and fresh arrivals.

  • Innovation Over Imitation: This trend embraces the freedom to make a splash with imaginative swag that reshapes the work environment into a haven of creativity.
  • Authenticity over Artifice: Prioritizing originality, it's all about choosing a distinct and thoughtful approach to promotional merch.
  • Growth Over Grind: This trend expresses appreciation for team members' significant achievements, big or small, through customized accessories and personalized designs.
  • Community Over Commercial: In an era of hyper-aware consumerism, swag choices that positively impact the environment, social causes, and minority communities are not only preferred but also increasingly expected – especially by employees.
  • Dynamic Over Static:  Embrace a new era where promotional products are not just items but immersive experiences, creating lasting impressions and fostering meaningful connections.

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