Top 3 Swag Ideas for Black History Month

Mira Peterson

February is Black History Month. Creating swag that promotes representation also facilitates understanding, appreciation, and respect for the culture and contributions of BIPOC employees and partners. Continue reading to uncover three ways to deliver a powerful brand message for Black History Month through swag.

When using merchandise as a powerful tool for equality, it’s essential to design products that will create impactful, authentic connections. Whether you aim to acknowledge your BIPOC Employee Resource Group (ERG) or express your commitment to diversity and empowerment to employees and customers, your promotional products can convey a compelling brand message. 

Here are our Brand Stylists’ top three recommendations:

1. Customized Apparel

Feature Black-owned brands or collections. Opting for T-shirts, hoodies, or hats with empowering and positive messages linked to Black history, culture, or entrepreneurship makes an excellent choice. These wearable items not only provide a tangible expression of support but also act as mobile canvases for important narratives.

Epic Everyday’s Mocha Hued collection creates confidence by promoting representation and guaranteeing a portion of the proceeds goes to a Black-owned business.

2. Collaborative Merchandise

Partner with Black-owned businesses to create exclusive merchandise. 

The concept of co-branded products, such as mugs, water bottles, or accessories, goes beyond mere merchandise—it serves as a tangible representation of the strength derived from unity. Our team can facilitate connections with our growing list of BIPOC brand partners to help create a powerful tool for fostering connections.

One of our favorite Black-owned, Women-owned, and Minority-Certified brands, McBride Sisters Wine Company, creates effortless custom wine gift sets for companies on a mission to impress.

3. Black-owned Business Gift Boxes

Support Black-Owned Businesses with a personal touch. We can create branded gift boxes featuring products exclusively from Black-owned businesses. These curated collections provide a unique opportunity to celebrate and promote products created by Black entrepreneurs. Build it around a theme like wellness or food, or make it a variety pack!

Our Senior Brand Stylist Jackie Gregoire created a gift box for Zynga’s Black employees featuring all Black-owned brands. It included a custom-branded insert card to celebrate their colleagues' contributions and honor Black culture.

February delivery had us on our toes for these fantastic kits and the challenge? Speedy partners! Our network of cool Black-owned businesses had our back. We stirred in a blend of branded and non-branded goodies for that extra touch.

From delicious food choices to fashionable apparel and invigorating wellness products, an array of exceptional black-owned brands is taking center stage:

Let our Brand Stylists create concepts for your next project!

What’s next on the calendar? International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Spring events are coming soon.



Black History Month is in February. Whether you're acknowledging your BIPOC Employee Resource Group (ERG) or conveying your commitment to diversity and empowerment to both valued employees and esteemed customers, the thoughtful selection of promotional products becomes the cornerstone of delivering a compelling brand message. We share our top three recommendations for supporting Black-owned businesses during Black History Month:

  1. Customized Apparel: Branded apparel offers a tangible display of support but also serves as portable canvases for conveying significant narratives of empowerment.
  2. Collaborative Merchandise:  Collaborative merch is a tangible symbol of unity. Our team is ready to assist in forging connections with our BIPOC brand partners who can help create a thoughtful statement through co-branded swag.
  3. Black-owned Business Gift Boxes: Creating a unique gift box that highlights products from Black-owned brands offers a thoughtful selection that resonates and celebrates the diverse culture within a company. We created a gift pack for Zynga’s Black employees featuring all Black-owned brands that not only conveyed appreciation for Black culture but also fostered a sense of inclusivity and recognition within the company’s community.

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