Custom Lanyards
Enhance your company's presence

Enhance your company's presence

Make a big impact with oh so little. Custom lanyards and badge holders are a powerful promotional tool, perfect for corporate events and many other occasions.

Conference. Office. Everyday life.

Lanyards are versatile. They're great as giveaways, or as branded ID badge holders for your employees. Many people find them so useful that they end up carrying your logo around regularly.

It's an inexpensive promotional gift that is both practical and can help your brand’s visibility tremendously. Are you going to a conference? Custom lanyard is a must-have for carrying your ID. Need security certifications at trade shows? Use branded badge holders.

Business meetings, product presentations, school campaigns, conventions — the opportunities for promotional lanyards are broad. They can also serve many purposes. People often use them like keychains, or even to carry water bottles. The multi-functionality of this single item means one thing: keeping your company's name visible.

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