Unique gift for Airtable clients

Airtable came to us looking for a high end umbrella, something new and fun that they could really get creative with.

Unique gift for Airtable clients

Who was the target audience?

Mainly for external use with high profile clients who use Airtable's product.

Why this product?

Airtable came to us looking for a high end umbrella, something new and fun that they could really get creative with.  My mind immediately went to Blunt as we'd been working very closely with them to promote not only the stock product colors but hopefully get the chance to work with their overseas team.  Umbrella's are a very unique product in the industry because you really have to invest in this item.  It cannot be the product you are looking at buying 500 or 1K of at the best price possible.  You'll end up with something that breaks after one use.  Blunt is definitely a more expensive option but they really get the industry and that was because they came from retail.  We presented the stock option for this item and the client loved it.  The sleek design, petite frame and quality were all winners on their end.  At first budget was not available for the quantity they were looking for but over time they were able to allocate funds for this project and came back very excited to pick it back up again.  We worked closely with their design team to get the artwork just right.  They opted for a custom umbrella, custom packaging and a standard sleeve color.  As soon as the first umbrella was received the feedback was immediate.  They loved this item and loved how much time and effort was put in to making a really great product.

What was the business objective?

Airtable is an amazing company.  Their immediate success has been exciting to watch as the provider of their marketing materials.  All of the items they have purchased with us have been top picks - very high quality and perfectly placed branding.  I think specifically with the umbrella they wanted to start incorporating some of the new designs their team had been working on since the first round of products were produced.  We were introduced to new colors, wavy lines and a really eye catching design.  I think this is very much in line with where their company is going.  They created a very high end product and jazzed it up with fun colors and endless possibilities.