Cisco’s Eco-Friendly Beanies

We created an eco-friendly beanie for a Cisco winter event for its developer community.

Cisco’s Eco-Friendly Beanies

What’s the purpose/objective of the project?

The event took place at the end of November in New York City, so they were looking for a practical item guests could wear in the winter weather at the event and afterward. 

Who’s the target audience?

The meet-up was for the developer program community of IT professionals and developers. 

What problem/challenge is CreativeMC solving for the client?

A colleague of my client had sent an image of a beanie they had in mind but my client didn’t like the style, so we needed to find a beanie our client did love. Additionally, they wanted to figure out a creative way to brand the beanie using the original logo, which involves small text. 

Why did they pick the products they ordered?

I showed my client four different beanies, two of which were eco-friendly, that I thought would be a great fit. I recommended that the item be customized with a woven tag so we could include the small text in the design. I noted the Atlantis beanie was popular with clients due to it being made with recyclable materials, so she chose this option for its eco-friendliness, high quality, and design that guests would want to wear. 

What does/did the client appreciate most about our services?

"The beanies are great! A huge hit. Cisco is working on doing its part for the environment and the item supports our efforts. The shape, size, and color are all great, and we love the logo tag.”

What was the biggest problem/challenge you faced in delivering this project?

It is always a challenge to find the right item and make sure the decoration method makes sense for that product. If one or the other falls short, the end result can be lackluster. In this case, we were able to check off the perfect beanie (plus, it was eco-friendly) and the best method for decoration. The custom-woven tags make the beanie look even higher quality, which helps to ensure people will continue to wear the product over and over again!

In recognition of Cisco’s eco-friendly product choice, CreativeMC planted 10 trees through our partnership with the global reforestation charity, One Tree Planted. Read more about our environmental initiative, HELP US HELP EARTH, which is part of our Swag For Good program.