Welcome kit for DeepMap

The main focus of our project with DeepMap was to make new hires feel included and part of the team.

Welcome kit for DeepMap

Who was the target audience?

New Employees/Interns 

Why did they choose these particular products?

DeepMap asked us to create a “Welcome to the Company” package so we suggested a backpack and a few popular items to go inside such as a nice S’well Tumbler, a baseball cap, a t-shirt, and a name tag. The t-shirts were such a hit that they ordered more shirts for actual employees that became mentors to the new hires.

What was the business objective?

The main focus was to make the new hires feel included and part of the team. The photo above was taken in DeepMap’s break room where they have pictures of all their employees on the wall. This has become a program kit and after the first project, we have done more t-shirts, hats and name tags.