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Earth Day<br /> 2023
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Earth Day

A new partnership with SwagCycle

Swag donation and recycling expand the HELP US HELP EARTH platform

Swag donation and recycling expand the HELP US HELP EARTH platform

On Earth Day 2023, we announced a new partnership with SwagCycle through which CreativeMC facilitates the donation and recycling of obsolete swag through SwagCycle’s nationwide network of charities and recycling companies.

This partnership adds a new pillar to our HELP US HELP EARTH initiative, which includes planting 10 trees for every eco-friendly client order through the global reforestation charity One Tree Planted. In 2022, CreativeMC planted over 2,000 trees in recognition of our clients’ earth-friendly product choices.

CreativeMC x Swagcycle

Win our Limited Edition Earth Day swag collection!

The first 20 people to sign up for a SwagCycle intro meeting will receive the three-item, eco-friendly CreativeMC x SwagCycle swag collection! This includes Everybody.World’s signature, biodegradable tee made of recycled fabrics, bkr’s 500 ml glass bottle with a silicone sleeve, and chameleon like's recycled Kraft paper spiral notebook.

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How our partnership works

Recycle or donate unused swag in 3 easy steps

1. Assess & Choose

Assess & Choose

Provide a list of unwanted items and identify which can live on with charitable partners and which should be recycled.

2. Match & Recommend

Match & Recommend

SwagCycle matches items with the appropriate charities and/or recycling partners. CreativeMC assesses related shipping costs.

3. Execute & Confirm

Execute & Confirm

With your approved plan, the goods are shipped to the SwagCycle partner(s) to execute the plan. Clients receive a certificate verifying each project’s completion.

Our commitment to giving back every day

Swag for Good

Our commitment to giving back every day

Our efforts to support the environment are just one component of our commitment to Swag for Good. We also proactively source and partner with brands that have a positive impact on social causes and/or are led by people of underrepresented communities like BIPOC, AAPI, LGBTQ+, and women. Join our movement to make a difference!

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For sustainable product inspiration

Check out our Spring/Summer 2023 Style Trends!

62% of the products featured support minority communities, social causes, and/or the Earth.


The Latest in Swag

Spring/Summer 2023 Style Trends

Spring/Summer 2023 Style Trends

In 2023, Spring’s mood-boosting sunshine comes with permission to reassert your brand personality through bold, colorful, creative swag choices. #NoFilter! A record 62% of the products featured support minority communities, social causes, and/or the Earth.

Showcasing Brands From Underrepresented Communities

Showcasing Brands From Underrepresented Communities

Through our Brand Together initiative, we highlight brands owned or led by minority communities including BIPOC, AAPI, LGBTQ, and women. Our commitment to these communities is core to our DNA, particularly as we are an employee-owned company that's 69% women and 58% people of color. Learn more about Brand Together and get inspired by the many amazing and innovative brands we feature.


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